The real challenge is when you are experiencing growth and your back is just against the wall. When there is a place of discomfort in the path you’re on, there will be moments you’ll feel like you’re walking through hell. But those moments are experiences telling you it’s time to let go and move forward for you to become aware and experience your new season.

Awareness is an avenue that we take for granted. We often ask for things but when we get it, we don’t even know that we have it! Why? Because we’re still stuck with being busy on old things that we cannot appreciate the new good things when they’re coming for us. At times, it’s hard to move because the “now” is in the way of your vision. But whatever experiences you have right now are not here to stay.

Allow your vision to be aligned with influences that will move you, motivate you, and keep you on your feet even if you have to fight through the pain. Whatever you are believing inside of yourself will be manifesting outside of you. Don’t give up. Don’t stop pushing. Don’t let what’s going on in your life keep you from finishing.

It is necessary to keep pushing through the process. You have the ability to be something magnificent. Don’t dare settle for anything less of you.



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