How many times have you said something and you just wish you could take it back?

Many times, we’ve said things without thinking. But when we don’t think before we speak, we leave room for embarrassment, stress, and all the things that won’t bring positive energy through us.

Let me provide you with five tools that helped me and will help you listen before you respond. But more so, help you listen to understand.

  1. Don’t interrupt – Practice not interrupting people. When you practice this skill, you begin to gain control of being impulsive.
  2. Think before you speak – When you think before you speak, you give the brain time to listen to understand.
  3. Give up the right of being likable – People want to relate to you. For that to happen, you have to work on your own self-esteem.
  4. Ask questions – We ask questions to be clear on the conversation and what’s necessary.
  5. Think before you respond – Give yourself a few seconds before you respond. How? By pressing the pause button! When you do this, you can continue the conversation in a better way.

One thing I have learned is that “thinking before you speak” is a skill set. Keep in mind that we were born with the voice of deliverance, the voice of impact, and the voice that is to never go unknown.



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