See what people are saying about Chamera.

“My husband and I now understand the meaning on how to save at least 75% of money and reap the benefits around money. I have not only lost 21lbs in 28 days, I now feel energized, strengthen, have a clearer path towards my vision on my business. By experiencing your “28-Day Jump Start Detox” Program, it has transformed my old habits that I thought I had under control, for new habits that has enhanced me towards my desires.”

Genieva Watson

“Hearing Chamera Bowman’s story of courage, bravery, and tenacity provided a glimpse into her life. In coaching sessions, not only did I learn from her, but I found her to be inspiring and professional. There is an energy that comes from Chamera to move her Clients forward. While at the same time, Chamera continues to move forward in her service to others.”

Debra Peters

“I have tried several programs for business growth with my company, but never have I ever thought to work on me first. My numbers has not only tripled over the last 9 months, I can now have someone I can trust to delegate all task in getting things done without me being in the office daily.”

Pam Thompson

"Chamera, I can’t explain how grateful it has been to meet you in person. Since then you have shown us tools that helped us create financial freedom and total transformation during our journey of working with you and towards our lives. Your step- by-step process is not only giving us the results we have been anxious for, for years, but a better relationship with my husband and now my business partner.”

Delphine Thompson

“I can say we have saved more in the last 14months, then we have throughout the last 4 years of our marriage. My husband and I have had big financial issues that were through the roof, which cause a lot of tension in our relationship. We now have found balance in our relationship not just financially, but our health, life and having a clear mind on what we both want in order to get us where we need to be.”

Trelis Zidor