Ten years. A decade of not knowing who I was.

I’ve had my share of breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. I am a mother, author, speaker, executive coach, and I had pursued so many different subjects. I spent many years thinking I needed someone to take the pain away, doubting myself that I would ever make it in life. I was beating myself down. I never knew who I was because I never gave myself a chance.

What will it feel like if you just gave yourself a chance? A chance to take a trip, to reinvent yourself, and to no longer look back on things you cannot change? This is your time. This is your season.

This is the time to change your attitude about yourself, to be intentional about yourself, to no longer compete with anyone, and to be yourself! Decide that you want it and you go for it. Life will hand you lemons, but it doesn’t mean you have to eat them!

Set intentions on purpose for the next three to four months of what you are going to do. If you do so, you will discipline yourself so that you can get to your goals. Take baby steps while you celebrate yourself. You got this! Be intentional. Be courageous.

Don’t spend so much time thinking about things that you cannot change. Get past that. Jump over the line. Leave it behind even if it’s for a couple of minutes. hours, or days. All those things turn into years. Don’t let it be a decade for you to find out what you want in life.



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