No one taught me how to love or care for myself. Throughout the years, I always find myself saying things like:

“I’ll be okay”
“You didn’t have to do that”
“I got it!”

I spent many years putting myself last, not knowing how to be true to myself. I used to think that my voice didn’t hold any value. I was expecting people to know what I want and leading myself towards disappointment. But the moment came when I just had to tell myself, “I’ve had enough!”

Can you relate? If you can, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get those negative mindsets and people out of your life. It’s time to block anything that is in the way of your joy, peace, and growth.

Set intentions in your life. Do all things through love. Do it on purpose. When you are focused on purpose, you manifest it. Don’t dismiss yourself. Rather, tell yourself that you will no longer spend time on anything or anyone that does not serve you.




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