When you are an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, an independent contractor, or whatever it is your expertise is, you are still in sales. We all deal with sales!

I want to clear that up because a lot of people don’t understand that the life we are creating is all about numbers. This is a numbers game!

With that being said, you have to look at which part of the process you are lacking. What is it that you can do differently? Where is in that process you are having a problem?

Here’s what I know about sales: Anybody can do it!

If you’re not landing the sales then there lies a problem. It may be a lack of discipline, lack of understanding, lack of time, or lack of effort.

Here are three things that will help:
1. Have a need to sale beyond money.
2. Empathize with the customer.
3. Listen and understand the customer.

Remember that not all sales go through, but don’t be discouraged. Keep going! Know your craft. Know your prospects. Closing the deal is what you want to focus on. Know exactly and care enough for what they want.

As an entrepreneur, if you keep saying that you can’t sale, then this is not the field for you. You have to pick up the phone and dial, then dial again, and dial some more. Dial until you get a sale!

Be willing to learn and go. Be aggressive, be encouraged, and stay persistent. You have to be hungry to live the life of results, correct? So come on! Keep going. Let’s do this!



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