Many people are stagnant in life, not knowing the next step to take because they don’t have any discipline in place. Many are living a life that we don’t want because we haven’t curated space for discipline. Sadly, doing so is like building an arch of disaster.

You can’t expect more out of you when you can’t expect anything out of yourself due to lack of discipline. You have the mindset to curate anything possible for you. You have the power to make anything possible for you. So tell yourself: “I’m no longer playing the victim in my life. I owe it to myself to spend the rest of my life doing what I love to do.”

Start by expecting more of yourself daily. Curate new but simple habits. Know your weaknesses and temptations. Think differently. Continue to grow. Never forget that you are born with a gift, a purpose, a light, a reason, and a truth. When you don’t allow yourself to be aware of it and hold on to it, you are failing yourself. 

To build results in your dream, discipline is not an option. Winners win. Losers lose. If you don’t trust yourself, no one will win.




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