If you want to keep a name for yourself, keep your word.
When you make promises, keep your word.
When you want to build relationships, keep your word.

Words are like building blocks and a foundation. How you lay them are a reflection of your integrity.

A good person is not someone who can just keep promises but a person who keeps the word. It is necessary to speak words that hold positive intentions and always prepare yourself to keep them.

Now, how will you keep your promises with your relationships? The friendships, the business ships, the personal ships, the family ships – whatever ship you can identify with.

At this moment in life, I want to give you three principles that you can stand by.

  1. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.
  2. Establish a process and use the tools to help you keep your promise.
  3. Give your promises due dates! Don’t just tell people what they want to hear. Tell them what you can do to back them up.

It is okay to not have all the answers! If I know one thing, I know that we are not born with all the answers. We have to search for them. And as we do, the right answers will come in different traces and people.

Keeping your word will lead others in the universe. You can be your hero, and you can be someone else’s. You are in control of what you desire to be. You are a game-changer and you have the power.



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