69% of startups of businesses start at home.
51% is asking “How?”
33% either has a high school diploma or just finishing high school.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you start! It just takes an idea, a strategy and a total action to get the expediential results you envision.

Let me share with you a few steps toward business development:

1. Define your vision. Identify what it is you want, why you want it, what it feels like once you have it, and what it feels like without it.

2. Set goals. Set goals with intention. Set long term goals that are meant to keep you aligned in discipline and development.

3. Write out your business plan. So many people skip this process. Without a plan, there is no leverage. Write it out!

4. Be indifferent. Be unique! Be creative. How is your product different from others around you? What are the problems you solve for people? How are you different from your competition?

5. Know your market. Who are the people of interest? Why are they interested? What is it you need to keep them coming back?

6. Make researching your best friend. Research is a demand when it comes to business, developing yourself, and entrepreneur growth.

7. Set marketing goals. Make it your intention to set marketing goals aligned with your target market. The last thing you want to be doing is putting time and effort into a market that’s not yours. Stay contingent on your target market.

8. Stay in action. Who says we are to soak up all the information and not implement it? Any action is greater than no action at all.

Everything is for sale, but not your time, not your heart, and not your life. You are valued at a place, at a price, with no name tag.

Reactivate your mind, power, and courage by saying YES to yourself first.




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