In life, we’re presented with challenges and different times–times of weaknesses, fears, heartaches, and even being at war with ourselves. It doesn’t mean we lost. It only means the battle is no longer ours. It means it’s time for us to move to the next phase in life.

Sometimes, life is showing you that the phase you are in no longer fit the shoes towards that journey prepared for you. There is no need to feel apologetic to your past circumstances. What matters is that you make it to your desired destination. But if you truly want to get there, it will take forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for the battle you felt you’ve lost.
Forgive yourself for the hurt and pain you endured from others.
Forgive yourself for what didn’t happen.

If you hold on to people, places, and things in your life that don’t serve you anymore, you are just sabotaging yourself of your own purpose. Placing value on a belief system that doesn’t live there anymore will get you nowhere.

I want to share with you my light. I want to share with you an example of what happens when you own your life back. I’m willing to shine my light on you as a place of support and a step out on faith of what is possible for you. I’m handing you my torch to take a stand for yourself. As you stand in this light, imagine your own freedom. Imagine what it feels like and what you’re able to curate when you own yourself back.

You have a choice to accept, forgive, let go, and move forward to a life deserving of you, or you can choose to stay where you are right now. What do you choose for you?




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