There’s a reason why you aren’t where you’re supposed to be.

You’ve been given so many options. But let me tell you there is no other door when you’re on your way to success. There is no other outlet when you’re on your way to greatness. There is no other way when you’re out chasing your dreams day and night.

Either you want it or you don’t.
You either get there or you won’t.

There is nowhere and no way when you give up.

That feeling when you want to give up is FEAR.
That feeling of “I’m not going to make it” is DOUBT.
That feeling when you’re down that alley and all you see is darkness, that is DISCOURAGEMENT.

These are all feelings of temporary. Get out of there now!

When you’ve had your back against the wall, your accounts have been negative, you’ve lost loved ones, you’ve been told you won’t get it, you haven’t had the support you’ve been looking for, you’ve been beating yourself down – all these are temporary! What you are made of is so much more powerful than all these belief systems. What you are worried about is not here to stay. You don’t get to live a life of success if you are not setting intentional decisions.

You got to get there no matter the disruption, distractions, and detours! Get back on track!

Get rid of that negative belief system. It does not live there and it does not serve you.




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