Income to Wealth

Do you want to be able to settle for your legacy and leave a legacy?

Let me ask you a few questions.
1. In your entire lifetime, how much money have you had in your possession?
2. What did it feel like when you had it?
3. What did you invest in when you got it?
4. How much is in your wallet?
5. How much do you have left?

Let me share with you 3 principles towards your income and wealth.

1. Save a percentage of your income. Save at least 20% of what you’ve earned. You have to sacrifice some things to get to your intended goals.

2. Make it your mission to only buy purposeful things. Ask yourself before purchasing, “Do I need this?” At times, we think we can buy whatever we want because the funding is there. But remind yourself to stick to the plan! Align yourself with purposeful intention towards your financial growth.

3. Make money. Before you can save money, you need to be consistent in making money. What is it that you know that will bring you in consistent revenue? And how can it induce those forms of profit?

By understanding these principles, you will have an outlook on where you want to begin and how you want to get there. It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start!

There are moments you look at your bank account and ask, “How can I make this happen?” The answer to that is to stay in action, stay consistent, stay in courage, and stay motivated. Find a support system that is aligned with your intention of growth.

And the most important thing of all: Take the first step.



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