Imagine loving everyone else but not loving yourself first. This was me in a time in my life where I had very low-esteem.

85% of people suffering from low self-esteem had an unhealthy childhood. They neglect their belief system. They allow their minds to prey on their only intellect by using negative words to describe who they are and what they’re capable of. They also allow themselves to be defeated in their own challenges. As a result, they lose value within themselves and feel angry, indecisive, shy, unloved, and unappreciated.

The truth is, what you embrace in the mind is the world you create around your own self-love. What you speak about yourself is what you believe about yourself. So allow your tongue to speak life within. Whenever you are thinking you are not beautiful, tell yourself, “I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM ME.”

If you’re unhappy with the path you’re in now, shift it. You got to be ready for you. A life filled with gratitude, a path towards purpose or growth, a journey built just for you – you are holding your own story because you are the author.



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