Time and time again, I’ve been asked this one question: “How do I get to sell?”

Let’s talk about how not to sell and why these techniques are not essential to closing a deal

1. Avoid talking about your product first. – Get to know the wants and needs of your clients. I can’t tell you how important this is. Many times, we are overload during a conversation that we forget to be the solution to their problems.

2. Never follow up without details. – When you’re making a follow-up call, have your intentions set in place for the clients so that they can take from that conversation.

3. Ask questions. – As much as you can, try not to be pushy because people tend to back away or get uncomfortable when they feel like they’re being pushed into something or you’re sounding desperate.

4. Asking for a sale should be second nature. Do not rob yourself of building that relationship. Yes! Build that relationship first. Consider it is respectful of their time and yours to get to the heart of the matter. When you’re closing a deal, stay focused on closing that deal.

If I have learned anything from sales, it is the truth that once you close them once, you can close them again. Just don’t forget to develop a relationship of trust with your clients. Why? Because once you have their trust, they will want to ride with you, be with you, roll with you, execute with you, and make an impact with you!

Some will say “I can’t,” and there will be plenty that will say “I can.” If this is the life for you, you have to remove all excuses and close the deal.

What matters most is the impact and connection of YOU being the solution to other people’s problems in the universe.



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