Have you ever heard someone say taking care of yourself is selfish?

80% of the human thoughts are negative, and 95% of those thoughts are repeated. What you give them the power to is up to you. When it comes to your life, I’m here to tell you that you have every reason to be selfish. You have the right to no longer put your past first and to keep putting power towards anything that doesn’t serve you.

One of the most powerful creatures on the planet is the human power. Unlike others, human beings have the ability to think, ask questions, and many others. It’s all embedded in our DNA. The only question is, are you utilizing your tools for your power?

Many of us go through life suffocating our powers because we don’t think we have what it takes. Some don’t get over the breaking points in their lives, allowing themselves to marinate in the mess because they’re afraid or ashamed to get help. Some hold themselves hostage, allowing their experiences to keep them silent. We all tend to forget the power of leveraging us from all creatures in the universe–our DNA!

Can you imagine what bold decisions you would be able to make if you begin to say yes to yourself? There is no need to sit on the sideline waiting to fall to a place that doesn’t serve you. Let go. Release yourself. Believe in yourself. Love yourself.




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