One of the most requested questions I get is, “How do I expand my brand?”

To answer that question, let’s go back to when I first launched my business. When I first started, I had no idea how I was going to get my first line. I’m not even aware that I needed a specific target or brand. All I knew was how I wanted to help people! I want to help people get their lives in order. I want to help people with their passion and also profit from it. However, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

For those who have survived the startup process and built a business, you may be wondering, “How can I take my business to the next level? What is the next business phase?” Here are my answers for you:

1. Identify your client. Who is your ideal client? Be specific.
2. Where does that client live? In social media? Barnes and noble? Networking events? Find where they hang out.
3. What problem do you solve for people? Be the answer.
4. Build an audience in your mark of expertise.
5. Build relationships and follow up. You are the brand! Before anything else, you are the brand first.

It is important to discover your purpose behind your brand so that you can stick to it. Be willing to do what it takes by just being you and allowing people to love you. If I have learned anything with building, growing, and developing my business, it is the fact that it’s so much easier just being me! I am the brand. The brand starts with me.

How about you? What is your mission? What are you creating? Who is behind that brand?



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