There’s a story behind every found treasure. We are often searching for something already birthed within us. We are disrupting our own purpose because we are afraid of standing the unknown. We are afraid of what may happen next.

If you want to be successful, you need to have courage. There will be some people who will talk about your success, but others will be willing to go through the trenches with you. I spent many years sharing my ideas to others who couldn’t see what I see and wasn’t feeling what I was feeling. Have you ever looked at your environment to see what you are allowing in your space? Who are you giving your energy to? Do they understand your ideas? 

I got five questions for you today that will get you right back on course:

1. What kind of people, places, things, are you allowing in your space?

2. Is your environment ambitious-driven?

3. Do you have the support you need to get yourself to the next level?

4. How willing are you to take a risk for yourself?

5. Are you satisfied with your own efforts?

Sometimes, you just need the right environment to curate the change you need. In that way, you can successfully leverage yourself in your life. Keep in mind that you have the tools to make it to the treasure, but it first starts with you. 

Are you ready to find that treasure? Are you ready to live a life that you dreamed of?



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