What curates the value of a person is a new mindset, not material things. Going out in the world to be popular will not make things come together. What other people’s opinion of you is not the real you. Do not sit in the sideline with people who do not believe in themselves and utilize the person of who they are.

At times, we go through life disconnected daily with our purpose, our mission, our faith, and our destiny. So allow yourself to have a vision. Without vision, there will be no work of art. The day you connect with purpose will be the day you have activated what you expected of who you are on earth to be. But to get more out of what you are, you got to be willing to stretch yourself into being “more.”

95% of the people in this world are living below themselves. People are walking around blinded with no imagination. Each day, they’re not seeing any more of what they wake up to for themselves.

Life is filled with the decisions you make. Make it your duty to fill that cup up with greatness. How? By getting up! Get up and re-invent yourself. Get up and try a different way. It takes a lot of courage to start over and get back up again. But only YOU can make dreams and possibilities yours again.



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