The job you’re on right now may not be the job that you want to be doing, but it’s the job that gets you to the next destination.

Here are 4 words that will allow you to push forward with your talents and gifts:

  1. PURPOSE – When you have discovered your purpose, your walk would be different.
  2. POTENTIAL – When you have discovered your potential, your presentation will be the best version of who you are.
  3. RESOURCES – Have a strategy to reap the benefits you are sowing.
  4. VALUE – When you have an attitude of value, there is no one standing on your way.

Without these essentials, you won’t know your ability. When you know your ability, no one can judge you because you know who you are.

We don’t get all the time in the world. We only get one life. So don’t just sit on the sidelines. Choose to play big in this world.




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