You cannot deliver greatness within you if you’re not breathing it within you. Great confidence will not come from “nothing!” I spent thousands and thousands of dollars educating myself. And through every dime I spent, the end result was ACTION.

I wasn’t taught how to ask for help.
I wasn’t taught how to even keep my own commitments.
I wasn’t taught how to retrain now my way of thinking.

What I found out is that I had to find something that I knew I can do. I had to go look for the people who will support me and be creative with my planning and my gifts.

The reason most people are going through life never discovering themselves is because they are backing down from what they’re not seeing. They’re not seeing their progression in the timing. The universe responds to manifestation even when failure arises! Even when you don’t have the support you want, you’re going to have to remain committed to honoring yourself.

Commit yourself to that moment of “right now.” The only thing that matters is right now. Commit yourself to get out of that comfort zone! Decide that you have something to give. Decide that you don’t have to be perfect. Believe that you can have what you want if you are committed.

Be in action because it’s necessary. Be in action because it’s something you want! Do it because you have all the tools to get you where you’re trying to go. Do it because it’s your time. Do it because it’s within you.



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