Everybody Is Good At Saying They Should Be Better | Chamera Bowman

Everybody is Good at Saying they Should Be Better

Not everybody is good when they first start. Not everyone gets it on the first try. Not everyone was born smart. Listen, you’re doing to fail and that’s okay. You will lose at something in your life but failure is a part of the learning process.

When Your Back Is Against The Wall | Chamera Bowman

When Your Back is Against the Wall

The real challenge is when you are experiencing growth and your back is just against the wall. When there is a place of discomfort in the path you’re on, there will be moments you’ll feel like you’re walking through hell. But those moments are experiences telling you it’s time to let go and move forward for you to become aware and experience your new season.

How to Expand Your Brand | Chamera Bowman

How to Expand Your Brand

For those who have survived the startup process and built a business, you may be wondering, “How can I take my business to the next level? What is the next business phase?” Here are my answers for you.

Sale or Go Home | Chamera Bowman

Sale or Go Home

Remember that not all sales go through, but don’t be discouraged. Keep going! Know your craft. Know your prospects. Closing the deal is what you want to focus on. Know exactly and care enough for what they want. You have to pick up the phone and dial, then dial again, and dial some more. Dial until you get a sale!

How to Take Control of Your Life| Chamera Bowman

How To Take Control of Your Life

A big part of taking control of your life is taking action in your life. We only get 24 hours, right? We must use those hours wisely. Make a schedule for your 24 hours and you will surely see a change in your life.

Make Success Your Routine | Chamera Bowman

Make Success Your Routine

If you want to create success, you can do it. Create a system that allows you to work and follow through every day. Be creative with your power. Own up to your success. Align yourself with your dreams.