About Chamera


Chamera Bowman is an Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, NLP Coach, Philanthropist, Best Selling Author of book “Commit To Your Passion”, Creator of “28-Day Detox Jump Start”, and CEO of HHH Life. As a result of working with Chamera help fearless women entrepreneurs transform into taking bold action towards their purpose, gain clarity towards in their vision, and level up their confidence into being in overflow in life by making courageous decisions towards their desired destination.

My gift to you is to help individuals make it out their breakthrough and cultivating old habits into greater beginnings. By refocusing their mindset and shifting limiting beliefs towards purposeful action. But before I became Chamera Bowman, I was the Chamera that was broken!

My life had fallen into shambles, I was not only broken but I was impaired. A women who had been betrayed by her peers, hurt by close ones, and abandoned in spirit. A daughter that loved others more than she loved herself, and a women who had lost her dignity, her courage and her smile.

I am a believer that true prosperity start with the good we give to the world through our gifts. A prosperous life begins from inside out and it will create a floral impact in other areas in our lives, so that we will live a life with abundance, wealth, joy, and freedom.

I am a proud "Momma," that is passionate about her family and enjoys empowering others to achieve their goals. My vision is to support that you wake up each day filled with a healthy belief- system, purposeful growth in your life, courage, passion and a clear vision on your dreams.

The day I realized I was not my failures, was the day I realized I had more in life to offer. I still had me. I am the Chamera Bowman, who knows that I am deserving and worthy of the woman I am today. To show up for myself, exchange the thought of impossible to possibility.