Have you been struggling for a long time because you weren’t disciplined enough to stick to your end goal? I’ve been there.

How many people have decided to commit to something, no matter what? When you make a commitment, it becomes a priority. It’s impossible to manifest greatness when you are allowing other influences to get in the way of your present commitment.

Let me give you 7 steps to stretch yourself to the next level of success:

  1. Have friends that hold you accountable.
  2. Use your imagination.
  3. Set small goals toward your desired outcome.
  4. Challenge your spirit.
  5. Be so determined that the thought of impossible is no longer impossible.
  6. Own it! Be accountable for where you are today.
  7. Stay in action.

Curate something toward your focal point in life that will get you to your dreams. Ask yourself, “What is it that I need to do to be better than I was yesterday?



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